Mu-Shan Seminar Announcement 12/10 Dr. Hsu-Wei Fang

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 Mu-Shan Seminar Announcement
Date: 2019.12.10 (Tue.)
Time: 13:10~15:00
Venue: B201 meeting room, Da’an
Title: Rapid Development and Commercialization of novel minimal invasive surgery biomaterials & medical devices
Speaker: Dr. Hsu-Wei Fang
Distinguished Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology
National Taipei University of Technology
Following are Speaker’s abstract.
Rapid development and commercialization of novel minimal invasive surgery biomaterials & medical devices 
Development and commercialization of minimal invasive biomaterials and medical devices consists of many critical factors. It includes unmet clinical need, product design, safety & efficacy testing, clinical trial and regulatory issues for approval. We proposed a new business model to integrate the critical partners in this process. We are able to ensure the success of each step and to optimize the commercialization performance. We are going to share our experiences in the development of barbed sutures, bone graft and breast implant injector products in this lecture.
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